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Southern Outdoor Outfitters

Southern Outdoor Outfitters
Paul Byrd
S State Rd 29
Felda, FL 33930

Contact Info:
Phone: (863) 673-6414


Florida Alligator Hunting

Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers Florida alligator hunts that will fit any hunter's budget or size requirements. All of our gator hunts take place on private land, meaning you have access to minimally pressured, BIG gators! Private land also means you can hunt your gator with any weapon of your choice - an opportunity that is uncommon with other gator hunting outfitters in Florida.

Guided Gator Hunts

Southern Outdoor Outfitters is one of the top hunting outfitters in Florida and offers private land guided alligator hunts year-round. We have over 100,000 acres of prime gator hunting habitat full of giant alligators. We hunt gators by searching for the right one, and then snagging it with a fishing pole and a large treble hook. Bringing these dinosaurs to the surface can be a serious fight! Once we have it by the boat, it's time for you to take your shot with the weapon of your choice - which is easier said than done when shooting at a four-inch target.

A guided alligator hunt in Florida is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives!